Everyone has different personality, appearance, branding, love and interest styles like I do in my life. My personality styles include being myself, my reputations, personality traits and who I am. My branding styles focus on how I brand myself including what I do using different marking strategies and materials to post in online and public communities worldwide. My leadership styles include what makes me a great leader and leadership style traits.  My health styles include ways of how I take care of myself, consuming best diets and staying in shape. My interest styles include communities, groups, organizations, people and things I love in my life. My love and interest styles also include communities, groups, organizations, people and things I am interested in my life.


Positive Personality Styles​​
  • I am  very accessible
  • I am very active
  • I am very adaptable
  • I am very admirable
  • I am very adventurous
  • I am very alert
  • I am very amiable
  • I am very anticipative
  • I am very appreciative
  • I am very athletic
  • I am very attractive
  • I am brilliant
  • I am very bossy
  • I am very calm
  • I am capable
  • I am very captivating
  • I am very caring
  • I am charming
  • I am cheerful
  • I am clean
  • I am clear-headed
  • I am clever
  • I am colorful
  • I am confident
  • I am conscientious
  • I am considerate
  • I am constant
  • I am contemplative
  • I am cooperative
  • I am courageous
  • I am very creative
  • I am cultured
  • I am curious
  • I am decent
  • I am very decisive
  • I am very dedicated
  • I am very defensive
  • I am very deep
  • I am very dignified
  • I am very directed
  • I am very disciplined
  • I am very dramatic
  • I am very dynamic
  • I am very educated
  • I am very empathetic 
  • I am very energetic
  • I am very enthusiastic
  • I am very excited
  • I am very extraordinary
  • I am fair
  • I am very faithful
  • I am firm
  • I am funny
  • I am sometimes flexible
  • I am very focused
  • I am very forgiving
  • I am very a free thinker
  • I am very friendly
  • I am very fun-loving
  • I am very generous
  • I am very gentle
  • I am good-natured
  • I am gracious
  • I am very a hard worker
  • I am healthy
  • I am very helpful
  • I am very high-minded
  • I am very honest
  • I am very honorable
  • I am very humorous
  • I am idealistic
  • I am impressive
  • I am an independent
  • I am an innovative
  • I am inoffensive
  • I am intelligent
  • I am knowledgeable
  • I am a leader
  • I am logical
  • I am lovable
  • I am very mature
  • I am very modest
  • I am mother-like
  • I am very objective
  • I am open minded sometimes
  • I am organized
  • I am original
  • I am passionate
  • I am patient
  • I am peaceful
  • I am perfectionist
  • I am sometimes playful
  • I am popular
  • I am protective
  • I am a punctual
  • I am realistic
  • I am relaxed
  • I am reliable
  • I am very resourceful
  • I am respectful
  • I am responsible
  • I am secure
  • I am sometimes sensitive
  • I am serious
  • I am sexy 
  • I am shareable
  • I am sometimes simple
  • I am skillful
  • I am sociable
  • I am stable
  • I am steady
  • I am strong
  • I am a teacher
  • I am trusting
  • I am tough
  • I am understanding
  • I have a wolf-life personality




My hair was naturally curly as a baby, but it became naturally somewhat naturally curly, nappy and course. My hair is also black and long length. I wear different hair styles, such as braids, curls, crimps, half up and half down, straight on up-dos. I wore her hair natural until I was 10 years-old where I started wearing relaxers to keep her hair bone straight. When I started getting my hair done by hairdressers, I did not know too much about how to take care hair until I was in her teen years. The hair problems that I had is that regular relaxers were too strong for me, had split-ends, hair breakage, and itchy scalps. I did not find out what was causing her hair problems until she was in before she was in her 30s.

So, I started doing my hair at age 11 but did not properly take care of my hair until I was an adult. I had to change her diet, hair products, reduce the amount of heat in my hair, change to kids’ relaxers, stretch my relaxers longer than 6-8 weeks and keep my hair wrap up when I am at home and after I get home. I also reduced the amount of product line use in my hair. Instead of using three or fewer product lines. I also had to study hair caring from hair experts, hair dresses, tutorials, and videos. I also had to do explore and experiment with different products and ways to take care of hair. Once I find out what ways and products work for hair, I stick with the strategy and the product that gave me better results for her hair. Now, my hair is much longer than it was when I age 9 and cut my hair at age 9, but it was still long though.

Here is I take care of her hair now. I eat healthy diets including drinking more water. I also used Mizani hair products including Supreme oil shampoo or conditioner, satin mask, shea butter, setting foam lotion, iron curl, thermal soft and hairdressing crème. Joy also gets a PCJ kid version relaxer every 10-12 weeks or longer, use Isoplus castor or olive oil and Influence oil sheen hair spray. I also wash and styles my hair every 2 weeks. It takes me about 2-4 hours to do my hair or it depends on how I am going to wear her hair. I used the pay to get her hair done after getting relaxers, but now I only pay the get my hair done when it is time for me to get a relaxer touched up or getting a relaxer. Between the time before and after she washes and styles my hair, I keep it oiled and in protective hair styles. After getting relaxers after two weeks, I wet sets until I get hair growth after 4 weeks after getting relaxers and have blown dry and curl style or do braids. I advise that only get a full relaxer if it is people the first time to get a relaxer or every 6 months when the hair is wavy.

Since I have been using these hair care strategies, I have seen better results in the past. My hair has gotten much longer than before, healthy, strong, shiny and long enough to wrap around my neck and shoulder. I do not also wear human hair weaves as much like I used to because my hair is getting longer. When my get relaxers and use thermal irons, I do not burn anymore and has the less itchy scalp. Now, my hair is about almost to my mid back and I am very excited that my hair will way done to my back soon like one of the late female relatives. I will keep hair long hair forever and even when my hair gets white. I get my ends trimmed when I get her relaxer touch-ups or full-relaxers, but less than 1 inch because they are not as bad as it used to be in the past. In other words, my ends appear less split than have been in the past years, but I still need them trimmed though. As you can see taking care of hair is a part of staying healthy as well.


I only wear earrings and necklaces with crosses on them. I wear silver or gold or any color hoop clip on earrings, but not too big. However, I will get my ears piece by the doctor one day so she can wear pierce earrings. I keep my ears clean all the times to avoid infections and bacteria from appear in my ears when I wear jewelries. I only wear earrings when she goes shopping do and do fun activities to work.


I started wearing makeup when she started performing a dance in dance performances or other special occasions at age 4. Usually, I used different brands, such as Revlon make up brands.  However, I used to sneak out before in her teens to wear makeup. I really started wearing makeup outside of my home when I was 16 years old. I wear makeup when I go out to different activities and places. I do not wear makeup when I am not going out to any activities. I wear skin tone and color eye-shadows, eyeliners for my eyebrows and above and under on the lashes. I also wear mascara on my lashes, but not all the time. I also wear dark brown lip-liner around my lip color gloss. I only wear blush when I perform in dance and other events. I am no longer wears lipsticks because it makes lips chapped. I keep my make up between light and heavy and coordinates as best as possible. I never used makeup products with natural and healthy ingredients and buy new fresh make up products about 2-4 times per year. If I feel certain areas of makeup is too heavy, I used small cotton swabs to blend the makeup to look modest. I remove my make up by using makeup remover or soap and water. Then, I remove my contact lenses as well before I go to bed.


I started wearing false nails when I was 11 years old. I used different nail products, such as Sally Henson, Revlon, and other brands. Before I started wearing false nails, I used to bite my nails and had to stop biting my nails. When stop biting my nails, my nails started growing but kept breaking and chipping off. I do not have too many people doing my nails, but the majority of the time she did my nails during my spare times. I also use to design my nails with a colorful airbrush, French manicure, and other designs during her spare times when she used to wear false nails. Now, because I am so busy, I only have time to regularly paint my nails or do a French manicure designs on my nails.Plus, by 2008, my natural nails started growing and stop wearing false nails. So, I wore my nails since they started growing. The problem I will have to get a nail product that will keep my natural nails from breaking, chipping and splitting though. I tried acrylic and. 


I also have been taken care of skin since I was in my teens. I used to use soap products, but now I only use to wash my hands. Joy uses Bodywash and lotion products for the rest of my body skin care with natural or healthy ingredients. I used Softsoap, Caress, Suave and other brands. For unwanted hair on legs and underarms and face parts of the face, I used Nair skin products to remove the hair. I used soap and body wash every day to keep my skin moisturized and healthy.

The problems with my skin are that I get bumps on forehead sometimes and have used alcohol to remove the bumps from her skin. If necessary, I will go the dermatologist about choosing the best product for my skin. However, I tried my best to use Bodywash and other skin products contain oil ingredients in them.  Now, I end up having great results like I do with my hair, makeup, nail and skin care. Taking care of skin is about taking care of yourself as well. I also maintain healthy diets as best as possible to keep healthy skin. I also have taken care teen since I was in my teens.

I used Crest Pro-Health tooth products and electric toothbrushes. I brush about twice per day, flosses once per day and mouthwashes every day. Besides going to the dentist, I have taking care of my teeth as well. I will get braces, but I will get the invis-a-align ones in the future because my teeth are crooked in some places in my mouth. Taking care of teeth is about taking care of yourself as well. I also maintain healthy diets as best as possible to keep healthy teeth.

I will also have to take care of my eyes since I was in my teens. I had to get my eyes check as much as possible to ensure my eyes are healthy and clean. The problem is that I used my eyes so much for studying, I had ended up getting astigmatism in both eyes. I had to wear eyeglasses for driving, but not all purposes. The reason is that I can still see everything, but only 90%. Now, I wear Acuvue contact lenses for astigmatism because I hate eyeglasses on me, but I love wearing sunglasses. In the future, I will get laser eye surgery so I will not need contacts or eyeglasses no more for driving. I will use a reading guide for reading, not eyeglasses.  Taking care of eyes is about taking care of yourself as well. I also maintain healthy diets as best as possible to keep eyes.


I have a unique fashion style that presents my appearance. I wear accessories, clothes, and shoes. I also wear a 4-6 size in petite size. I wear not only earrings and necklaces, but also hats, socks, and stockings. I wear different colors and styles of hats in medium sizes. Some of them are active, casual, church or business attire in medium sizes. I used to wear different color socks, but now she only wears white socks medium women’s sizes. I do wear light brown stocking and sometimes white or black color stocking in size B. However, at certain times I wear other color socks as well. I wear stretched or tight-fitting dresses, shirts, skirts, sleepwear sets, swimsuits, tops and underwear sets. I wear my dresses sleeveless, with sleeves either short or long and no shorter than 6 inches away from my knees.

I wear dresses and sleeping wears are one more sometimes more than one colors or come in printed designs. My shirts and tops are tight-fitting and sometimes slightly loose fitting one more sometimes more than one colors or come in printed designs. These clothes are also active, casual and business wears attire as well. My shirts and tops are no longer than my waist line. Next, I also wear shorts and skirts one more sometimes more than one colors or comes in printed designs. My shorts and skirts are no longer than 6 inches away from my knees. I wear them active, casual and business attire in one more sometimes more than one colors or comes in printed designs. Then, I wear an appropriate bikini or regular two piece swimsuits when I go swimming and waters ride on amusement parks. I wear these swimsuits in one more sometimes more than one colors or comes in printed designs.

I wear different types of shoes, such as bedroom shoes, boots, dance shoes, dress shoes, flip-flops, hi-heels, sneakers, and sandals an 8 or 8 ½ shoe size. Sometimes if the shoes are like flip-flops and sandal-like shoes, I wear an 8-shoe size Joy wears these shoes in plain one or more than one colors or printed designs on them. For hi-heels, I wear 3-4 inch heels. However, I only wear hi-heels in church services and special occasions. The majority of the time, I wear flats, such as bedroom shoes, boots, dance shoes, dress shoes, flip-flops, sandals, and sneakers.    


Once I list the goals I will achieve in my life, I had brand myself. Before I brand myself, I focus on who my target audience is going to be when I am a famous person. I will target communities, groups, organizations, and people who are fans of me and my works. However, it is important that I target the right audience to avoid many issues like cyber bullying stalking, tragedies, and many obsessive fans. I used Blogger, creating e-books, do events, post flyers in websites and local stores to brand myself. I also post videos on Dailymotion, Vid,, LinkedIn, Twitter, WordPress, YouTube and official Income Activator, Moonfruit, Weebly and Wix to brand myself.  I had experienced many problems branding myself on blogs, doing events, posting flyers in websites and local stores, I did not receive many responses. I also did not receive many responses from posting videos. I have gain responses on my other websites, not that much.

The other problem is that I have been cyber bullied and defend myself against users who were bullying me on Facebook, YouTube. and other social media. I decided to leave many social media and other websites because of these issues. Plus, it was a waste of time, too many competitions and negativity in these websites. I also do not use many blogs, social media, and video sharing websites because I did not accomplish what I was planning to accomplish using these marketing strategies.

I also try to get a good mentor, but none of them were helping me to be successful as a famous person in educational entertainment in the art, dance, education, life and video production. This time, I decided to figure what I am doing wrong and fix the problem so I accomplished this activity. I am currently using video marketing by creating and posting videos to brand myself. I try to keep my videos between 2-20 minutes long and post them on Blogger, Dance, Dailymotion, Twitter, Vid, and my official website at


I considered myself as a leader for many reasons. I am labeled myself to a non-political, religious and spiritual leader. I believe there are many things you do to become a leader. I had to make sure be a leader is right for me. I also had to learn how to maintain a great personality, even if my personality is not perfect. I also believe that to be a leader, you must have a great or right personality for being a leader. I observed and learned many leaders do not have great and right personalities in the real world. I try to communicate with as many communities, groups, organizations, and people as possible.

However, I do not communicate with all of them because these days you must be careful who you socialized with these days.  I must be passionate about something they love doing in my life to be a great leader. I also have visions and goals that help me to achieve my dreams as a leader. I love to be the leader who builds communities, groups, and organizations that include positivity, positive people, and ensuring these activities will benefit the world. I also love building communities, groups, and organization that are healthy and safe for everyone in the world. I am also capable of studying problems and creating excellent solutions to resolve problems in this world.  I have many leadership styles as a leader.

I have a do have both authoritarian and democratic leadership style because I like to make decisions that it best for me, but when I am operating communities, groups or organizations I would love to make decisions with people in these activities. This leadership style allows me to build organizational relationships with communities, groups, and organizations. I also have a paternalistic leadership style because I love to treat everyone in communities, groups, and organizations like family. I believe that everyone in all communities, groups, and organizations need a family-oriented environment.  I also believe having a family-oriented communities, groups, and organizations is one of the ways it can help these activities to be successful in this world.

I also had taught myself how to take care of myself, become independent and be successful in life majority of my life. I also never did drugs, alcohol, homosexuality, prostitutions, crimes and other bad situations because I do not need to participate in bad situations to resolve my problems. Plus, I rather served God and the Lord, do good things and help others to improve their situations than participating in bad situations.


It is very important that I take care of myself while I am being famous in my careers. I say this because many famous people do not do and it is known as the reason many tragedies happened to many famous people. Maintaining good health is never easy, but at least I am trying to maintain good health as best as possible. My health goals are to maintain good health including healthy weight even after having children, consume healthy diets and stay fit for the rest of my life. I switched to organic diet because since there are many health problems going around, I decided to start changing the diet while I am young. However, I will have to consume healthy diets even if I consume organic diets. I always stay away from bacteria, harsh chemicals, pollutants, toxins, viruses, drugs, alcohol, smoking cigarettes and radiation as best as possible.

I also make sure I see doctors who will educate me on how can I improve my health besides taking care of me. I wanted to take care of myself and not have everyone taking care of me all the time. Besides consuming healthy smoothies, I will also make sure I consume organic 2-3 servings of dairy and meat group, 2-4 servings of fruit group, 3-5 servings of vegetable group, 6-11 servings of bread group and 75 ounces of clean treated water. I keep this healthy diet routine for the rest of my life. I exercise 3-5 times per week. But I focused on exercising 5 days per week.  I do yoga, meditation, dancing, walking, stretching and weight-lifting. However, I do yoga, stretching and meditation some days, dance 3 days and 1 day.  If I continue to maintain good health, I can maintain a happy, healthy and successful life.



  • I love God and the Lord always.
  • I love real and true Christians.
  • I love caring, established and friendly people.
  • I love funny, fun, helpful and loving people.
  • I love mature, nice, positive, successful and supportive people.
  • I love my fans, friends and some relatives.
  • I love poor and rich people.
  • I love celebrities and famous people.
  • I love people who are at the same level as I am.
  • I love easy-going, good, normal and real people.
  • I love people who are themselves and not trying to be like everyone else.
  • I love heterosexual people.
  • I love all race people.
  • I love people doing good things.
  • I love attractive and great personality men in dating and sexual way.
  • I love females in God's, the Lord's way and as friends and family. 


  • I love playing videos while studying, managing businesses and my spare time.
  • I also love dancing on videos during my spare times and at my dance company.
  • I love listening and playing musical instruments, such as my saxophone and keyboard.  
  • I also love doing art like arts and crafts, dancing in events, graphic design, and painting.
  • I also love doing video productions for personal use, communities, and organizations.
  • I also did art for people like clients for businesses.
  • I love listening to many music artists like Mya, Janet, and Michael Jackson CDs, record and tapes.
  • I enjoy watching dance and music videos, movies like Step Up and television shows like Mike & Molly.
  • I also did advertisements, commercials, hair, makeup, nails, photo shoots and design content videos.
  • I love teaching art, beauty, business, career, dance, education, fashion, life, and religion.
  • I also love teaching self-education.
  • I love writing fiction and non-fiction books.