Hello, Everyone!, I am Joy Michele Timmons and I am a creative internet star who is a founder of Joy’s Dance Productions and soon Share Creations. I am also an artist and a choreographer, dancer, educator, independent living expert, life coach, model, performance director, performer, and writer. I develop a passion for educational entertainment since age 4.  I am originally from Clinton, MD 2005. I am a former church member of Mt. Ennon Baptist Church. I hold a Master of Education in Educational Leadership from Northcentral University. I also hold a Master of Business Administration from Ashford University. Plus, I also have a dance teacher certification from Dance and Gym organization.  My first mission is to help enhance and peaceful world by creating educational entertainment videos on websites to educate everyone about living a successful independent life involving art, beauty, dance, education, fashion, lifestyle, my life stories and video production. The second mission is to do events like community activities, seminars webinars, and workshops. The final mission is to write books about fiction stories, my life stories and solutions to resolve world issues happening in this world.  I also started my YouTube Channels in 2010. I also was a sales associate at Pam's Hallmark. I also was a cashier at Dollar Tree. I also worked as a dance teacher at Little Busy Bee Learning Center. Plus, I use to be a graphic designer at Crowdspring, Mt. Ennon Baptist Church, and Baltimore Dance Center.  I became a YouTube partner in 2016 to pose educational entertainment videos about art, dance, education, life and my life stories. However, I quit as a YouTuber partner and delete my YouTube Channels because YouTube had too many cyber-bullying behaviors occur in the YouTube community in 2017. Now at age 35, I am continuing to serve God and the Lord, live in Upper Marlboro, MD and working on my Master of Science in Entertainment Business at Full Sail University online. I am also writing books on "How to Live a Successful Independent Life", "Joy Timmons: My Creative Internet Star Story" and "How to Cleanse this World with Education?" I am creating and content videos on Dailymotion.com, Vid.me and Vimeo.com. I am continuing to maintain good health as best as possible, look for a supporting very high paying careers in New York and start a new video sharing company, "Share Creations" in the late 2017 or early in 2018. Finally, I am working on moving to New York sometime in 2017. My other plans for the future are to become a millionaire, get married and start a family while living my dreams and helping others to live their dreams. When I retired as a billionaire, I will move to California, spend time with future family and friends and do cosmetology and creative videos. I will also continue to write books, earn awards for doing great works and live a happy, healthy and long life.



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Educational Background
  • Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership from Northcentral University in 2016
  • Master’s Degree in Business: Marketing Concentration from Ashford University in 2014
  • Master's Degree in Media Design from Full Sail University in 2011 
  • Bachelor's Degree in Art from Towson University in 2008
  • Associate's Degree in Theater and Dance from College of Southern Maryland in 2012
  • Associate's Degree in Graphic Design from Prince George's Community College in 2004
  • Dance teacher certification from Dance and Gym organization in 2016

  • Received Full Sail University Scholarship for the Master of Science in Entertainment Business
  • Dean's List Student at College of Southern Maryland with a 3.80 GPA
  • Earned Honors of Academic Status at College of Southern Maryland with a 3.80 GPA  
  • Dean's List Student at Prince George's Community College with a 3.25-3.50 GPA 
  • Honor Roll Student at Surrattsville High School with a 3.49 Overal GPA

Extra-Curricular Activities
  • Member of the College of Southern Maryland Theatre Club in 2013
  • Member and President of the Towson Urban Dance Troupe in 2007-2008
  • Member of the Towson Dance Ministry in 2004-2005
  • Member of Mt. Ennon Baptist Church Adult Dance Ministry in 2004-2005

Computer Software Skills​​
  • Microsoft Office including word, powerpoint, excel, and outlook
  • Adobe Creative Cloud including Acrobat, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, go live and photoshop
  • Quark Xpress
  • Pixlr.com
  • Picmonkey.com
  • I-Movie
  • Final Cut Pro and Pro X
  • Sumopaing.com
  • Site Builder including Weebly.com, Site Builder.com, Pixpa.com, Homestead.com, and Sitey.com
  • Internet Operating Systems like Macintosh, Safari, and Chrome
Other Skills 
  • Business management
  • Financial management
  • Creative
  • Visual arts like graphic design​
  • Education and teaching
  • Performing arts like dance, and performance
  • Marketing, sales and customer service
  • Communication and negotiation
  • Leadership
  • Project management and planning
  • Delegating and time management
  • Problem solving​​
  • Networking

  • Trained in dance at College of Southern Maryland in 2011-2012
  • Trained in dance at Towson University in 2006-2007​
  • Did dance training at Dance Expressions in 1998-2000​
  • Did art training at Children's Museum in 1995
  • Did art training at Corcoran of School Arts and Design in 1992
  • Did art training at Harmony Hall Regional Center in 1991-1992
  • Did dance training at Linda Natoli's Studio of Dance and Gymnastics and Dance Expressions in 1984-1998

Work Experience
  • Sales Associate at Pam's Hallmark in 2013-2014
  • Dance Teacher at Little Busy Bee Learning in 2013
  • Dance Teacher at Red Door Studio in 2011-2012​
  • Graphic Designer at Baltimore Dance Center in 2011-2012
  • Volunteer Graphic Design at Mt. Ennon Baptist Church in 2011
  • Cashier at Dollar Tree in 2010 and 2013
  • Customer Service Representative at Pizza Hut in 2010
  • Graphic Designer at Crowdspring in 2009-2010​
  • Dance Teacher at Encore Baton and Dance Studio in 2006​
  • Sales Associate at Bath and Body Works in 2006​
  • Sales Associate at Parcel Plus in 2005​
  • Cashier and Customer Service Representative at Prince George's Community College Bookstore in 2004-2005
  • Hostess at International House of Pancakes in 2004


I managed Joy's Dance Productions. Now, I am about to manage Share Creations in 2017. My companies are faith based Business. Both Joy's Dance Productions and Share Creations believe that everyone can live a successful independent life in anything they enjoy doing in their lives. My companies always make sure the opportunities, products, and services are valuable for everyone who are looking for solutions to their problems. These businesses care about customers' happiness in receiving great results from using products and services, which help us to build long-term business relationships with customers. To receive services from any of these businesses, email me at joymtimmons15@gmail.com , sharecreations17@gmail.com or joysdanceproductions@mail.com .


Joy’s Dance Productions rent dance studio spaces to provide classes and career and performance opportunities for everyone ages 3 to adult at all levels. We also get involved in community events like charity events each year. Our mission is to enhance a healthy and peaceful world by dancing on film together as a community in dance video environment worldwide. Our dance company dance ballet, hip hop, international, jazzfunk, jazz, liturgical, lyrical, modern, pom, production and tap dances on videos in classes and events. To learn about Joy's Dance Productions, email joysdanceproductions@gmail.com or visit www.joysdanceproductions.com .


Share Creations allows everyone to share art, beauty, dance, documentaries, educational, fashion, life, movies, music videos and other videos on Share Creations websites and other platforms online worldwide. They can also advertise opportunities, products, and services on video ads on the company's website. Everyone also has the opportunities to attend seminars, webinars, workshops. They can participate in partnership programs, career opportunities, and other services. To learn more about Share Creations, email sharecreations17@gmail.com . The website will be up by near end of July 2017. 


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  43. Managing Director
  44. Managing Director
  45. Managing Director
  46. Managing Director


  • Believes in God and the Lord always like me
  • Born, real and true Christian
  • Real man
  • Very mature for his age and as a person
  • White or Native American man
  • Has been an American like me
  • Great personality men (Ex: being happy person, supportive person, happy, etc.)
  • Never has bad temper tantrum like a 5-year old boy
  • In good health, such as healthy weight
  • In good sexual health only (No AIDS, HIV, STDS, etc.)
  • Takes care of himself, me, his family and others no matter the ups and downs
  • Cute, sexy, fine, hunk and very attractive
  • Loves, respects, supports and cares about me, our children, and his family
  • Wants to spend money, but save money at the same time
  • Be responsible person who pays his own bills and other expenses
  • Established in career, having his own money, life, etc.
  • A Millionaire or billionaire as a businessman, owner or celebrity
  • Ages 26-30
  • Tall men who are 6'0-6'4 feet tall
  • Wants dating, marriage, and children like me
  • Does not mind Joy working and making my own money
  • Half gothic man and wolf
  • Does not have to use social media 
  • Does not have to care about politics
  • Only want me, our children and his family and friends
  • Does not mind me having friends
  • Has high school, Associate's, Bachelor's, Master's or P.H.D. Degree
  • Honest person all times
  • No criminal histories including in the past, now and future 
  • Has real male parts and born as a male only
  • Raised by a normal family only
  • His family does not care about how I am, how I look, etc.
  • Does not care how I dress
  • Never changes on me even after having children
  • Good, happy and positive person
  • Clean shaved face
  • Clean appearance
  • Dress neatly (pants on waist and not too baggy, etc.)
  • Never wears tattoos and body piercings
  • Hair in non-specific length (no braids)
  • Loves having fun, traveling and do other activities
  • Eats healthy diets
  • Works-out and exercises
  • Loves being healthy like Joy
  • Never smokes, drinks and use drugs in the past, today and in the future
  • Never gets jealous of anything and anyone
  • Loves and respects women including his mother


  • I love God the Lord always.
  • I love living a Christian life.
  • I attend churches who have real Christians who are caring, loving and supportive towards all church members
  • I am an African American mixed with all race.
  • I was born on October 26th,1981.
  • I am 5’4 feet tall.
  • I am a slender small-woman figure.
  • I enjoy and loves learning about art, dance, education, entertainment, music, theater, and video.
  • I love being herself and strong confidence in herself.
  • I love all colors.
  • I want to help increase a healthy and peaceful world.
  • I love being an independent and a free thinker.
  • I help communities, groups, organizations, and people who want to be helped and deserved to be helped.
  • I help and take of myself first before helping and taking care of others.
  • I have fun when I want to.
  • I also help communities, groups, organizations, and people who struggle in life.
  • I said no one operates of this world, but God and the Lord only.
  • I am interested in good men can have me as long they are what I am looking for.
  • I love to maintain healthy diets and staying fit.
  • I know God and the Lord can make male and a female.
  • I also know everyone is heterosexuals and that will never change.
  • I only want no more than 10 friends to avoid friendship failures.
  • I hang out with caring, loving, normal, positive and supportive people who never change on me.
  • I love traveling to different states in the United States of America.
  • I participate communities, groups, organizations and work with people who are a positive influence towards my life.
  • I am only interested in facts, reality, and truths about situations.
  • I believe everyone is mixed with more than 1 race.
  • I love all race communities, groups, organizations, and organizations.
  • I meet communities’, groups’, organizations’ and people’s expectations benefit me besides my expectations.
  • I only participate in legit opportunities that benefit me.
  • I hang out with established and successful communities, groups, organizations, and people.
  • I send donations for charities for all communities, groups, organizations, and people.
  • I only attend to parties that contain safety and securities.
  • I do not have to tell you everything about me.
  • I do not prove anything to anyone except God, the Lord and me.
  • I do not always believe anything that media says about communities, groups, organizations, and people.
  • I do not go to clubs unless it is a military club.
  • I never give up when I go through struggles and failures because I can still be successful in her life.
  • I will never change who I am and how I present herself.
  • I do not go to bars ever.
  • I do not wear tattoo and body piercing, but I will get my ears pierced by the doctor.
  • I disowned many relatives and former parents due to the bullying them.
  • I broke up with many guys because they were not established and had commitment issues.
  • I do not let anyone get away with anything they do wrong to me and others.
  • I will help to raise money to research for cures for health problems and other issues.
  • I hate people doing bad and terrible things to innocent and good communities, groups, organizations, and people.
  • I only care about communities, groups, organizations, and people who support her and what she does in her life.
  • I hate bad and terrible parents.
  • I hate dysfunctional communities, families, groups, organizations, and people.
  • I work hard to get what I want and that is what she encourages everyone worldwide to do in this world.
  • I am no longer interest in many social media anymore except for Dance.com, LinkedIn, and Tumblr.
  • I know that no one owns me but God and the Lord.
  • I have no interest in politics including not voting either.
  • I have no interested in minimum wage jobs.
  • I always enjoy designing advertisements, blogs, books, commercials and other projects.
  • I tell everyone no one controls who I am and what I do but God, the Lord and her.
  • I do not care about and listen to negative criticisms from negative people.
  • I do not tolerate abuse, bullying, jealousy or any other negative behaviors towards her from no one in this world.
  • I am not afraid to defend myself against abusive people, bullies, criminals, haters, jealous people or abnormal people.
  • I never care about negative people, such as abusers, bullies, criminals, haters, immature, jealous and mentally ill people.
  • I say dating, marriage, relationships are between a man and a woman in the same race or different races.
  • People, communities or organizations I reject better take no for an answer.
  • I always say only God, the Lord, excellent communities, groups, organizations and people can have me only.