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Scripture Message About Being an Independent Person and Living an Independent Life

1st Peter 2:16 states, “Live a people who are free, not using your freedom as a cover up for evil, but living as servants of God”.

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I am a creative internet star who is an American artist, businesswoman,

choreographer, dancer, educator, life coach, model, performance director, performer,

writer and an owner of Joy's Dance Productions. I also had struggled in school

sometimes because I had to repeat first grade 2 times because I was not taken school

seriously and had a learning disability. I also dropped hard college classes that I

struggling to pass and retake them again and earn A’s and B’s in these classes. Plus, I

did not want to fail any of the classes and want any bad grades in none of my grade

reports when I dropped the hard college classes. It is bad enough I attended many

schools with many bad school administrators and supporting who only cared about

power and money and not others in schools. These schools also had many bad

students who are bullying other students, which makes schools unhealthy and safe

for everyone in schools. That is why I never visit any of the schools I had many issues

during my life. However, I only visit the schools that I love and enjoy attending in my


However, I received a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership from Northcentral

University. I also received a Master’s Degree in Business: Marketing Concentration

from Ashford University and a Master's Degree in Media Design from Full Sail

University. I earn my Bachelor's Degree in Art from Towson University and an

Associate's Degree in Theater and Dance from College of Southern Maryland. I also

have an Associate's Degree in Graphic Design from Prince George's Community

College. I got my dance teacher certification from Dance and Gym organization. 

I originally from Clinton, MD, but moved to Upper Marlboro, MD in 2005. I also

became a Christian at my former church, Mt. Ennon Baptist Church at age 3. I became

a Christian because I believe need God and the Lord during my life.

I also never had great relationships with many relatives like my former parents and

friends because they were bullying me. So, I also defend myself against them in a very

rigid way. So, I rejected them because of what they did to me. It tells you I do not

tolerate abuse, bullying, harassments, hatred, jealousy, threats, and violence from no

one in this world no matter who it is. It is bad enough I moved back with them after I

graduated from Towson University and hoping I will have a high paying career. It also

bad enough that I lived with many bad roommates during my college years.

But, I love playing videos, dancing on videos, listening and playing musical

instruments, such as my saxophone and keyboard when I was a child. I also love

doing art like arts and crafts, dancing in events, graphic design, and painting. I also

love doing video productions for personal use, communities, and organizations. I also

did art for people like clients for businesses. I love listening to many music artists like

Mya, Janet and Michael Jackson by playing music CDs, record and tapes at home,

workplaces, school, and other places. I enjoy watching dance and music videos,

movies like Step Up and television shows like Mike & Molly. I also do advertisements,

commercials, hair, makeup, nails, photoshoots, and design content videos. I also love

teaching everyone how to be successful in art, beauty, business, career, dance,

education, fashion, life, religion, and self-education. I write fiction and non-fiction


I wanted to be successful in my life. So, I develop a passion for living an independent

life through educational entertainment in advertisements, print media, and video

production that includes art, beauty, dance, music, education, fashion, and life at age

4. However, I did not want to be a famous person at first because of learning about

what celebrities or famous people been through during their careers. I also believe

there are not enough famous and non-famous people educated that will teach them

how to handle their careers, which is a part of living an independent life. So, I realized

I should not let downside of being famous keep me from being a famous creative

female internet star. But, I must be as unique as I can as a famous creative female

Internet star as possible. 

I learned and observed the world issues like the bad economy, unemployment,

underemployment, relationship problems, health problems and violence happening

in this world. I have experienced some of the issues during my life, but I develop a

a mission that can give me the opportunity to help resolve these issues in this world.

So, my mission as an internet star is to educate people how to live an independent

life through art, dance, education and video production, which enhance a healthy and

peaceful world.

While I was working on becoming a successful creative female internet star, I worked

in many jobs. I was a hostess at the International House of Pancakes (I-HOP), a

customer service representative and cashier at Prince George’s Community College

Bookstore. I also worked as a sales associate at Parcel Plus, Bath and Body Works and

Pam’s Hallmark. I was a freelance graphic designer for Baltimore Dance Center,

Crowdspring and Mt. Ennon Baptist Church Media Department. I was a cashier at

Dollar Tret. I also worked as a dance teacher at the Encore Baton and Dance Studio,

Red Door Studio, and Little Busy Bee Learning Center.

But, none of the companies I worked for had many good managers managing the

companies, great steady work hours, having people worked in healthy and safe work

conditions in these businesses. Other issues include I never worked full-time jobs and

benefits like medical insurance. I also had issues with some co-workers when I

worked for these companies. So, I quit these jobs because of these issues and I

believe I can have very high paying careers that offer very high salaries, great

benefits, healthy and safe work environment. I also worked for entertainment

businesses that operated by excellent bosses, managers and have excellent

employees to work in businesses. But, my job salaries did not help me cover all my

living expenses including trying to afford an apartment and being an unemployed

person majority of my life. It is a bad enough I had trouble finding employment

opportunities when I was working and not working during

those times.

As a famous creative internet star, I must have very rigid standards like do effective

research on ways to become a famous person, having goals, privacy, do not want

the media writing lies about situations that never happened to me.  I also wanted o

brand myself in many places as possible, achieve my goals and ensure everyone

live their dreams. I also expect to be safe at all times as an internet star.

I started using computers when I was in kindergarten. But I had no computer at

home except for school from elementary to high school. I also did not know much

about computers back then compare to now. I did take computer applications and

keyboarding class in high school and computer literacy class in college. I also

learned other computer programs, such as Final Cut, QuarkXPress and Microsoft

Office during my high school and college years. But, I did not have access to the

Internet and computer at home until I was in college. I got my first computer in

undergraduate school. Then, I got my first laptop in graduate school while I had the

Gateway computer desktop, but the desktop is no longer working as well as my two

Apple Mac laptop computers. I am happy I got the Mac Apple computer because

of this equipment is so much better than the other brand I bought years ago. Since I

had a great experience with Apple computers, I will use ago. Since I had a

great experience with Apple computers, I will use the third brand computer, I-Pad,

and I-Phone for life. I used the computers, I-phones and I-pads every day, but not

during my bedtime and when I am away from my computers any day. I also used

these devices for business, personal and school purposes. It would be nice if

computers did not have technical issues.

I did not get familiar with the internet until I was in my middle school year which is

when I started using the Internet. Not only I did not have me own computer, but I also

had no access to the Internet as well. I used the Internet for business, school, and

personal purposes. I can be addictive sometimes because Iknow there are many

people use the Internet more than I do like mental illness, criminals, and other

people as well. Many information that is true, but some information are lies on the

internet as well. That is why it is very difficult to believe the internet as well. That is

why it is very difficult to believe everything that the Internet says online.

It is always great to use a schedule that I can stick with for life and benefits my

education, business, career, health, and life. I also always get up early to accomplish

as many activities as possible 7 days each week. I list the activities I do every day and

certain activities I do certain days. If I ever feel I am doing too much, I always take

breaks and go back to the activities.

It is very important everyone take cares of themselves by maintaining good health

while being famous. I refer myself to Bible scriptures about staying healthy and fit for

life. I decided to change my current diet to healthy organic diet including healthy

foods and drinks like organic healthy smoothies. I also do not do drugs, drink alcohol

and stay away from poisons, toxins, chemicals and other unhealthy habits that cause

negative as much as possible. I also try to reduce anxieties, depressions and being

overwhelmed as much as possible. I exercise 3-5 times per week. I do dancing,

weight-lifting, meditation, walking, and yoga to maintain a good weight, strong,

toned, and fit. I do go the doctor to get checkups, but I do not always depend on

them to take care of me. I must take care of myself as well. It also helps me to

maintain good health to hang out with positive people in a positive environment as

best as possible.

I also started branding myself when I was in college in my early 20s. I started

branding myself by posting flyers in college and public places. I also started branding

myself with social media like Facebook, Myspace, and Black Planet. I also used other

social media like Meet Me, Baboo, Dance, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Tagged, The World Truth

and Twitter. Then, I post blogs on Blogger and WordPress and Site Builders to

promote me, my works and services for everyone.  I also branded myself on videos

on YouTube, Dailymotion and Vimeo.com, and Vid.me, which is also a great way to be

recognized and the works anyone presents to the world. I also used site builders like

Weebly, Wix, Site123, Pixpa, Squarespace, and Sitey.com to design my websites that

contain information about me, works and services. I will promote eBooks, do events,

write and post articles online in different companies.

I love having fans, but there are many expectations I expect from fans. I love fans who

love, help, and support who I am, what I do and how I have been a benefit to them. I

also love fans who a positive influence towards me, my works and services. I also love

fans are real fans who are less obsessed and safe to be around with famous people.

I also started my dance company, Joy’s Creative Dance Company that is now called,

"Joy's Dance Productions at age 27 while becoming a famous creative female internet

star. My dance company struggled to grow as a dance company due to lack of

financial support, gaining customers and interest in participating in the dance

company’s programs. Our dance company also did not have good mentors to ensure

my dance company manages a successful dance company, do not have employees to

help this dance company and gain sales. However, we did not let these struggles

stop us from doing what we love to do in dancing. My dance company decided to  

create solutions to not only resolve our struggles in my life. My company, also

decided to change Joy's Creative Dance Company to Joy's Dance Productions because

the current business name does not illustrate a dance company that performs dances

on video.

I became anti-social and suffer anxieties, depressions, felt isolated, neglected and had

suicide thoughts and hatred against the ones who hurt me while suffering from

failures and struggles. However, I had to get away from people and things who are

trying to destroy my life. It is a good thing that I was strong enough defend myself

again anyone who tries to destroy me and my works. But I know that God and the

Lord have my back no matter what I go through in my life. Everyone needs to

remember no one in this world controls who you are and what you do, but God, the

Lord and you.

Not only I never did drugs, but I also never did homosexuality, prostitutions, and

violence because I do not need to participate in any bad situations to resolve my

situations. I also quit many social media like Facebook and YouTuber partnership

and delete my YouTube channels with YouTube because these websites are a waste

of time, did not accomplish anything, bad for my health mentally, being cyber-

bullied by other users on accounts, but I said very harsh comments to users from

other accounts saying harsh comments to me. So, I do not have time to deal with

that negativity. I also started learning how to become an independent person like

making good choices that benefit my life and stay out of trouble.

Now at age 35, I am currently living in Upper Marlboro, MD. My goals are to focus on

serving God and the Lord and completing my Master’s Degree in Entertainment

Business at Full Sail University. I am also writing books called, “How to Live an

Independent Life”, “Joy Timmons: The Creative Female Internet Star Story” and “How

to Cleanse this World with Education”. I will write other books including, “Joy

Timmons: My Dance Career Story”, “How to Create Videos on Anywhere” and “How to

Creative Dance Videos Anywhere”. I also creating and posting new entertainment and

educational videos to help everyone to live an independent life. I am continuing to

maintain good health as best as possible, look for a supporting very high paying

careers in New York and start a new video sharing company, "Creative Style Motion"

in the later 2017 or early in 2018. Finally, I am working on moving to New York

sometime in 2017.

My future goals are to become a millionaire, get married and start a family while

living a successful creative female internet star independent life. I also will retire as a

billionaire, move to California. I will also do cosmetology, write books, earn awards for

doing great work for everyone spend time with family, spend time with friends, live a

happy, healthy long life.
Awards, Achievements & Recognitions

Academic Awards and Achievements

Stephen Decatur Middle School in 1995

  • Honor Student with a 3.00-3.50 GPA

Surrattsville High School in 1996-2000

  • Honor Student with 3.00-3.49 GPA

  • Made 4.00 several times

Prince George's Community College in 2000-2004

  • Dean's List Student with 3.25-3.50 GPA

  • Made 4.00 couple of times

College of Southern Maryland in 2011-2012

  • Dean's List Student with 3.80 GPA

Non-Academic Awards and Achievements

Accotink Academy Talent Show, in 1993-1994

  • Won 1st and 2nd place in hip hop and jazz dance category

King's Dominion Dance Competition Festival in 1998

  • Won 2nd place in the jazz dance category

Prince George's Community College Art Gallery Reception in 2002-2004

  • Won 2, 1st place by presenting excellent animation category

  • Received 2 Prince George's Community Appreciation Award Reception in

  • 2003
  • Photo Displayed in Communities and in 2002-2004

  • Displayed "Print Magazine Layout" in Towson Common Gallery in 2007-2008

  • "Leaves and Grass" photo posted on College of Southern Maryland Literary

         Magazine in 2012
1. My birthdate on October 26th each year.

2. I am 5'4 feet tall.

3. I weigh 112 pounds and a small figure woman.

4.  I love all colors.

5. I am a caring, friendly, helpful, loving and supportive person.

6. Sometimes I am very tough in a positive way.
7. Considered myself as a leader and role model.

8. I am a perfectionist by 98%, but I am never will be perfect like God and the Lord.

9. I am single for now, looking for a good boyfriend, husband and the father of my children.

10. I love animals like Tasmanian devils and wolves.

11. I love celebrities.

12. I love established, caring, helpful, loving, normal, positive and successful people.

13. I love to maintain healthy diets and exercising.

14. I made straight A's several times in school.

15. I love having freedom and be independent life.

16. I love money.

17. I love white or Native American great personality and attractive hunk men

32. I love werewolves.

33. I love happy, healthy, peaceful and safe life and the world.

34. I love being successful in everything in my life.

18. The truth is that everyone is heterosexual and that will never change.

19. I always say only God and the Lord make a woman and a man.

20. I always say God made men and women.

21. Everyone needs to accept the gender they are born with. (Ex: If you are born as a male, you are male for life).

22. You cannot change your gender.

23. Dating, marriage, and parents consist of a woman and a man and that will never change.

24. I never had interested and cared about politics.

25. I have no interest and care about social media anymore. I will quit my LinkedIn and Tumblr after I complete school.

26. I only mean to anyone who tries to say negative comments to me.

27. I am a very defensive person who does not tolerate abuse, bullying or other negative behaviors from no one in this world.

28. I do not have to explain what I do if I do not have too.

29. I only respect people who respect me.

30. I do not care about what negative people think of me because their opinions do not mean anything to me.

31. I hate opinions, but I love reality and truth about situations.

32. I hate people who never take no for an answer.

33. No one owns me by God, the Lord, and Joy.

34. No one controls who I am what I do, but God and the Lord.

35. I do not have time to deal with negative communities, groups, organizations, and people because they mean nothing to me.

36. I will reject communities, groups, organizations, and people who are negative influence towards me and what I do.

37. Once I reject you, you better accepted and move on with your life.

38. I do not vote in anymore because I do not care about politics.

39. I do not depend on communities, groups, organizations, and people all the times.

40. I hate dramas, false information, lies, negativity, rumors, slanders, and violence.

41. I am not afraid to stand up to anyone who tries to treat me badly.

42. I am only interested in communities, groups, organizations, and people who are at the same level as I am.

43. I love having careers with a 6 figure to billion dollars.

44. I am working hard to be a millionaire and later a billionaire.

45. Whatever I post on the Internet and other resources is all you need to know about me.  

46. I only contact communities, groups, organizations, and people by email, phone, networking them in-person and texts.

47. I only talk to communities, groups, organizations, and people online if I know then very well.

48. Once I say harsh comments to anyone who say negative comments about me and what I do, I do not regret it later.

49. I hate abusive, bad, controlling, evil, immature, jealous, mean, mentally ill, narcissistic, obsessed violent and other negative


50. I also hate communities, groups, organizations that promote negativity like violence.

51. I also hate bullies and haters.

52. I do not go to bars and clubs.

More Facts About Me & Truths About Everything
Profile Summary

31 years of experience in educational entertainment like art, beauty, dance, education, fashion, life, model, performance directing,

performance, video, and writing as a business owner. Excellent understanding of the growing educational entertainment trends in

this country, which gives fulfill the needs of children, families, and adults.


To continue to be a successful business owner owning a production dance company seeking for capital to cover business expenses

including dance video opportunities for age 3 to adult at all levels.

Educational Background

  • Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership from Northcentral University in 2016

  • Master’s Degree in Business: Marketing Concentration from Ashford University in 2014

  • Master's Degree in Media Design from Full Sail University in 2011 

  • Bachelor's Degree in Art from Towson University in 2008

  • Associate's Degree in Theater and Dance from College of Southern Maryland in 2012

  • Associate's Degree in Graphic Design from Prince George's Community College in 2004

  • Dance teacher certification from Dance and Gym organization in 2016

Work Experiences
  • Sale associate at Pam Hallmark in 2013

  • Dance Teacher at Little Busy Bee Learning Center in 2013

  • Dance Teacher at Red Door Studio in 2011

  • Freelance graphic designer for Mt. Ennon Baptist Church Media Department in 2011

  • Freelance graphic designer for Baltimore Dance Center in 2011-2012

  • Freelance graphic designer for Crowdspring in 2008-2009

  • Cashier at the Dollar Tree in 2010 and 2013

  • Customer service representative and server at Pizza Hut in 2010

  • Dance teacher at Encore Baton and Dance Studio in 2006

  • Sales Associate at Bath Body Works in 2006

  • Sales associate at Parcel Plus in 2005

  • Cashier and Customer service representative at Prince George's Community College Bookstore in 2004

  • Hostess at International House of Pancakes (I-HOP) in 2004

Extra-Curricular Activities
  • Member of the College of Southern Maryland Theatre Club in 2013

  • Member and President of the Towson Urban Dance Troupe in 2007-2008

  • Member of the Towson Dance Ministry in 2004-2005

  • Member of Mt. Ennon Baptist Church Adult Dance Ministry in 2004-2005

Computer Software Skills

  • Microsoft Office including word, powerpoint, excel, and outlook

  • Adobe Creative Cloud including Acrobat, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, go live and photoshop

  • Quark Xpress
  • Pixlr.com
  • Picmonkey.com
  • I-Movie
  • Final Cut Pro and Pro X
  • Sumopaing.com

  • Site Builder including Weebly.com, Site Builder.com, Pixpa.com, Homestead.com, and Sitey.com

  • Internet Operating Systems like Macintosh, Safari, and Chrome

  • Business Management
  • Financial Management

  • Creative

  • Visual arts like graphic design

  • Education and teaching

  • Performing arts like dance, and performance

  • Marketing, sales and customer service

  • Communication and negotiation

  • Leadership

  • Project management and planning

  • Delegating and time management
  • Problem solving
  • Networking

  • Trained in dance at College of Southern Maryland in 2011-2012
  • Trained in dance at Towson University in 2006-2007
  • Did dance training at Dance Expressions in 1998-2000
  • Did art training at Children's Museum in 1995Did art training at Corcoran of School Arts and Design in 1993
  • Did art training at Harmony Hall Regional Center in 1991-1992
  • Did dance training at Linda Natoli's Studio of Dance and Gymnastics and Dance Expressions in 1984-1998

  • Received Full Sail University Scholarship for the Master of Science in Entertainment Business in 2017
  • Dean's List Student at College of Southern Maryland with a 3.80 GPA in 2012
  • Earned Honors of Academic Status at College of Southern Maryland with a 3.80 GPA in 2012
  • Dean's List Student at Prince George's Community College with a 3.25-3.50 GPA in 2000-2004

  • Honor Roll Student at Surrattsville High School with a 3.49 Overal GPA in 1994-2000